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Estate Agency X - The Future of Estate & Letting Agency

Iceberg Digital

Estate Agency X is all about the future of Estate Agency. We host real world events where some of the top speakers in the world have been guest, we have a thriving Facebook community group and of course, run our podcast speaking about the future of the industry.The show is hosted by Mark Burgess and Rob Brady. Mark Burgess, is the CEO of Iceberg Digital who are the creators of the Lifesycle software for Estate & Letting Agents. He is the author of 2 best selling business books, has had his own TV show on Sky helping entrepreneurs, has been featured on and has been voted one of the 30 most influential people in property. He has also been nominated for a lifetime achievement to the Proptech industry. Rob Brady has over 15 year's experience within innovation in both finance and property, and is also the co author of a number 1 best selling business book. Rob's background is in helping transform companies having worked for one of the biggest banks in the world, transforming one of their worst performing branches into one of their best. Rob then moved into the property industry and was responsible for developing an existing ageing agency brand reinventing their entire systems and processes, building a modern, data driven business, and winning multiple awards along the way. Increasing their managed properties from 300 to 700 and increasing their turnover to over £1m out of just one office. Rob currently works as an Elite Performance Coach at Iceberg Digital to help clients make progress with the change in their business and is the CEO of 'Fight Train Clothing', a non profit fitness clothing brand dedicated to mental health.
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